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Who We Are

Almost immediately, customers requested copper repiping of their homes. Although Bob Park, the founder was trained through the old fashioned State Indentured Apprenticeship Program, and spent a great deal of his career working on high rise buildings, hospitals, and even the space shuttle launch facilities, he decided to commit his company to copper repiping.

Because Ameriserve has been advertising on the radio with the likes of Bill Handel, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, John and Ken, as well as Sean Hannity and Melinda Lee, just to name a few, some people assume that Ameriserve is a franchise owned by a national corporation. On the contrary, Ameriserve, although a California Corporation, for the most part is a family owned business.

In fact when you call us for an estimate, you will more than likely talk to Staci or Cammie, Bobís daughters. Then, Bob will come and give you your estimate, although sometimes Jeremy or John Waters, both knowledgeable and experienced in their own right give estimates as well.