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Pipe Bursting

Our Hammerhead Machine, using a 30 ton pulling capacity will "burst" an existing 4 inch or 6 inch inside diameter (I.D.) pipe, right through your faulty cast iron or clay pipe. The connections are "fused" together; making it impossible for roots to penetrate your pipe.

Pipe Bursting

Two holes are dug; one to expose your horizontal waste pipe near the front of your house, and another near the curb (or lowest point) of your sewer main. The machine will be placed over the main at the lower point. The new pipe (polyethylene) is then literally "Burst" through the existing pipe, via the bursting head, cable, and "trenchless" (30 ton pulling capacity) machine. New connections are made and the holes are backfilled.

Pipe Lining

Your pipe under the street that is the lateral pipe leading up to the "city main" may be cracked or deteriorated. Thatís when the lining process would be used. Think about it: If you had to repair this pipe using the conventional method, one would have to seek a permit from the city, and block off the street in order to work on the pipe. Solution: Hydro jet, then line it using the cured-in-place method from within your property.