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How We Do It

Consultation and Estimate

Our experienced estimator will discuss your particular needs and address your concerns. A detailed and thorough estimate and proposal will be presented to you before you schedule the job.

Project Preparation

The job analysis will be handled by the job foreman. He will then order the materials required. Time allocation and schueduling will be of the utomost importance.

Pre-Job Meeting With Homeowner

Our experienced Foreman will meet with you prior to actual installation and discuss any particular needs or concerns such as pets (getting in and out, etc.), areas where walls will be opened and closed, etc.

The Work

We begin by covering the floors and furniture, and sometimes clothes in the closets if there is even a remote chance of dust settling on them from the wall openings. Your new piping will now be installed, both horizontal and vertical simultaneously: throughout the house, under the house, overhead, in the ground, and in the walls. When the piping is installed the water will be shut off (usually for about 5 hours) in order to make the transition to the new system. Your new piping will now be tested and inspected and the walls will now be patched, as well as textured (if necessary). All furniture will be put back, and you are now ready to enjoy your new piping.