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Copper Repiping

Then, our team of experienced repiping specialists lead by a foreman will come over, lay down protective covering throughout the floors of your house where we would need to traverse, and begin the process of opening small areas of walls where pipes protrude, such as behind water closets (toilets), under your sink cabinets, at the water heater, washing machine, behind the refrigerator, at hose bibb locations, etc.

New pipes are installed without shutting off the water. In fact, the water is usually shut off for about 4 hours (at midday), when the new system is "converted".

Then, the experienced will patching team will patch all openings to a "paint ready" condition.


By far, the most tried and true means of conveying water within building and houses is by way of copper repiping.

As the modern day indoor plumbing era was ushered in, copper plumbing soon followed circa 1920ís; but even before then, at about 2500 BC, there are documented findings of copper plumbing used by Egyptians.

Copper is not only a natural ore, it is actually good for human beings. In fact, the U.S. National Academy of Sciencesí Food and Nutrition Board recommends 0.9 mg of copper daily for both men and women.

Ameriserve highly recommends copper, for water piping.